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5 Best Ab Exercises You’re Maybe Not Doing but Should


Yes the dreaded abs, we’re finally down to that part of the body that consumes the largest portion of your workout hours, but sadly, the least results to show. That troublesome muscle group that only a few ever seem lucky enough to flaunt at the pool, beach, gym or simply anywhere there’s an excuse to strip. This stubborn area of the body gives even the most ardent fitness fanatics nightmares. Many people just seem frustrated with the state of their abs because that layer of fat never seems to budge despite hours of abs workouts and specialized abs routines; and only few people know why.

Abs aren’t too difficult if the right abs workouts are incorporated into your fitness routine. Here are the five best workouts you’re not incorporating in your workout routine for maximum results.

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bicycle-crunches-exercise2Bicycle Crunches Abs Workout

Probably the king of Abs workouts and one of the most effective abs exercises! If there was any one abs workout routine that’s perfectly designed to work your abdominal muscle groups, it would be the bicycle crunch.

  • Lie on your back flat with your shoulders against the ground and your feet flat on the ground with knees folded.
  • Clasp both hands behind your head, both elbows pointing forward towards your feet, and raise your right elbow to touch your left knee, your right leg should be fully extended and above the ground.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the alternate side to complete one rep of the exercise routine.
  • To make this abs exercise effective, hold your pose for at least two seconds at the point where each elbow meets the alternate knee for a more intense abdominal burn.


Cross-Body-CrunchCross Crunch Abs Exercise

This exercise targets the abdominis rectus, obliques and entire lower abs area and helps lowers the risk of injury by keeping the lower back supported. To do this workout properly and achieve maximum resuts,

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  • Lie spread out on your back with arms and legs spread angled in an x shape.
  • To complete each rep, raise one arm and cross that arm towards the alternate foot with the aim of touching the toe.
  • The movement is done while also raising your foot with both fingers and toe meeting in the middle of the swing.
  • Repeat the movement on the alternate side to complete a repetition.

olympic absSwiss Ball Roll-out Abs Workout

This exercise is designed to mimic the workings of an ab wheel roller but improves on it because the lower back is less prone to injury. The principle that makes this workout effective is quite simple.

  • While kneeling down on a mat, place your hands on a stability ball, and slowly rest your weight on it. Slowly roll the body away from your body and roll it back toward the body to complete one rep.

spiderman exerciseSpiderman Planks Abs Workout

Another workout that targets and benefits all the major abdominal muscle areas. The perfect pose for this great abs workout starts in a traditional plank position that involves having your forearms flat on the ground, your body held up away from the ground, and your feet held together with your toes supporting your upper body.

  • Slowly bring your left knee forward to touch your left elbow, drop it back to its starting position and repeat the same procedure for your right knee.
  • Both series of action complete one rep.

cable rotationCable Rotation

This sharp, sports specific, movement is perfect for ripping up the oblique areas of your abs. To do this exercise,

  • Stand with feet slightly apart, one in front of the other and a cable in both hands at shoulder height.
  • The cable should be at right angles to the body from either the right or left side.
  • Slowly rotate the body while dragging the cable away from its anchor to complete a rep.

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