Gerardo Gabriel is known as a world driving fitness star, NPC Champion contender, and US Marine.

He started his wellbeing go after a terrible partition, where he used weight planning as a way to deal with channel his focus and imperativeness.

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Starting now and into the foreseeable future, he’s gone from quality to quality in transforming into a wellbeing exhibit contender, and a motivation to people wherever all through the world with his change story from humble beginnings.


Gerardo was considered June third 1995 in the city of Tepic Nayarit. He’s the offspring of Gerardo Francisco Cerón Evangelista and Martha Gabriela Morales Lopez, and according to his friends and family, in the midst of his childhood, he was continually hyperactive.

Gerardo’s family were unassuming and dapper, however persevered through a couple challenges from the get-go. At 5 years old, Gerardo was segregated from his people since they moved to Tijuana. He was then sent to live with his grandparents, where he was to a great degree all around viewed over and given all that he ought to have been strong and merry in every single through hello puberty.

Gerardo moreover played soccer and transformed into a champion player in the sub 12 decision of Nayarit. He moreover made an outing to a couple states in the Mexican republic, all due to his wonderful soccer limits.

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Gerardo was moreover known for being a to a great degree esteeming and disapproving to his family, Matty, Emiliano, and Samantha.

Taking after a long time of get ready, Gerardo has manufactured an adjusted body that is particularly molded to withstand a great deal of sets, reps and overpowering weight.

He generally utilizes 10 15 rep range, and he really tries to focus on draining the muscle on the twelfth rep, and as Gerardo says, “press out those extra 3 reps”

Gerardo says, “I don’t have a specific number other than that yet to just go until I am BEAT, and reasonably know I have given it my beginning and end.”

The 2 Week Diet The 2 Week Diet

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