Healthy And Delicious Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

Healthy And Delicious Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

Healthy And Delicious Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

In the event that you choose to make this veggie lover mayonnaise you will get an exceptionally heavenly expansion to your most loved sandwiches. Today, an ever increasing number of individuals on the planet receive a vegan lifestyle and diet, with a specific end goal to protect their wellbeing.


1 cup of cashew nuts

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½ cup of water

½ cup of lemon juice

One full tablespoon of nectar

1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

1-2 tablespoon of turmeric

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Cleaved chives as you sought


First, you have to drench the cashew nuts for no less than 3 hours. It is prudent to do it overnight as it can give half and half structure to the mayonnaise.

At that point deplete the nuts and place them in the blender. Include the water, salt, lemon juice, nectar, and turmeric. Blend them until you get a velvety surface. It will take possibly 3-4 minutes to play out that. You will find on the off chance that it is important to include an extra cup of water and likewise you can put on the off chance that you fancy a few flavors that you incline toward.

After that put the mayonnaise in another perfect bowl and include the slashed chives and blend well with a spoon.

You can serve your mayonnaise quickly with every one of the sorts of sandwiches that you eat. You can use as a serving of mixed greens dressing or even as a sauce with a wide range of suppers. Keep in mind that this mayonnaise can toward the end in your ice chest up to 7 days.

The 2 Week Diet The 2 Week Diet

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