The 2 Week Diet The 2 Week Diet

Natalia Zardon – Bikini & Fitness Model Workout

Natalia Zardon – Hot Bikini & Fitness Model Workout

Fitness Model, Fitness & Nutrition Expert/Personal Trainer

The 2 Week Diet

INSTAGRAM: @nataliazardon27

Natalia Zardon is the Brand Ambassador and Leader of FortyFit, fitness and nutrition for women over forty.

Turning 40 was the breakthrough moment in Natalia’s life. She decided that she was going to give herself the chance to not only do what she loves, but LIVE what she loves by making health and fitness a prority, a lifestyle, and her number one focus.

The 3 Week Diet

Natalia dreamed of being able to inspire others and to be an ambasssador of health and fitness by helping to guide other females reach to their maximum potential. That is how FORTYFIT was born, to show all women that age is just a number and that if you put your heart and passion into everything you do, there are no limits to what you can achieve!!!

Natalia Zardon - Bikini & Fitness Model Workout Natalia-ZardonNatalia Zardon - Bikini & Fitness Model Workout

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The 2 Week Diet