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TOP 15 Fittest Female Celebrities 2017

TOP 15 Fittest Female Celebrities 2017

TOP 15 Fittest Female Celebrities 2017

Here is a list of the 15 fittest female celebrities to help motivate you to get fit! Follow these women and watch her workout videos.

Hilary Swank

It’s that tiiiiiiime!! #FitnessFriday #MakeAChoice #MakeItHappen #WhatsYourMissionStatement? @missionstatement

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Nicole Scherzinger

Love trying out new things in the gym. Getting it all out! Excited for this weekend! 👊🏽@jumeirahgrosvenorhousesuites

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Adriana Lima

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Gwen Stefani

@arocksteadyvibe old school #loveangelmusicbaby @officialdanilohair @andrea_lieberman #wow go

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Jessica Alba

Naya Rivera

X2 cuz why not! 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Eva Longoria

No looking back! #2017

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Kate Upton

Kate Upton (@kateupton) crushes a set of “slide-through lunges”, which essentially combines a sliding reverse lunge and a forward lunge into one movement. Start by sliding backwards into a reverse lunge, focusing on taking a slightly longer stride to make the movement more hip-dominant with greater emphasis on the glutes. Then rather than returning to the starting position, slide all the way through into a forward lunge, here with a slightly shorter stride to make the movement more knee-dominant. Repeat in that fashion for 4-6 reps of each, making sure to keep a slow and controlled tempo. While lunges are ostensibly a unilateral exercise, this version actually works both legs at the same while also jacking the heart rate up like crazy. Kate makes these look easy because she’s a badass, but it’s actually a very advanced exercise, so make sure you’ve mastered sliding reverse lunges first, and also hold onto something for balance until you’re comfortable.

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Jessica Biel

Sweating for the red carpet starts early because the need for after party pizza is REAL. #Oscars

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Nikki Bella

Kate Hudson

Finally getting in a groove 💪 Advanced frog 🐸 #PilatesLove @fabletics

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Fact: boxer braids make working out soooo much easier! 😜 wearing #MPGbyJules

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Melissa Molinaro

Have you done your squats today? New POWER BOOTY🍑 Classes coming back in October so excited!! Stay Tuned! Photo by @jd2pictures

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