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Yulia Vins – The Barbie Doll from Russia

Yulia Vins – The Barbie Doll from Russia

Who might have thought years back that a twenty-year-old weightlifter would consider picking a name after a well known doll? However, she spiced it up a little by making it sound her own particular manner.

Badass Barbie or Muscle Barbie, whose genuine name is Yulia Vins, is a Russian twenty-year-old who has been into weightlifting for five years yet has already made outright progress. In this way, she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram whom she energizes daily.

She began her way in this games when she was just 15. Her family upheld her totally not at all like many individuals who did not consider her energy important.

Today, she is showing her strength off by making videos on Instagram of how she effectively lifts 400 pounds as a piece of her daily routine.

Look at her Instagram profile here and get roused by what train and assurance can do!

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